Divine Creatures

Why buy Divine Creatures?

In the world of ‘Divine Creatures’, demons and angels unite for a greater cause within the NFT space. They will do anything to get their hands on $SKULLS which they can use for many utilities…

They are even willing to sacrifice themselves to evolve into a greater creature called the ‘Nephilim’. These are half demon — half angel and will cause chaos in the world of minions.

Although the creatures will set the pace of this NFT project, the community will take more and more control as time goes on… The community will vote together with the main team to set the long-term goals.

We are a community-driven project with initially 10k randomly generated, hand-drawn NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every quarter in 2022 there will be a new NFT drop, followed by a 3D drop in Q4 to enter the metaverse!

Make sure you have at least 1 Demon and 1 Angel to turn into a Nephilim in Q2.

These will have a big impact on the P2E game that will be released in Q3.

Are you excited yet? That was just our first roadmap for 2022… You are not ready for Roadmap V2, which will be released in December and begin in early 2023.

It’s time for all creatures to unite!



Co-founder, lead developer

Full-time frontend developer by day, blockchain developer by night. In Blockchain since 2018. developing MEV bots and smart contracts since early 2021.


Co-founder, Head Operations

Operations Executive by day, crypto & NFT enthusiast by night. Been in blockchain since 2017.

Tried to buy BTC in ’09 but gave up after a few hours of trying when I was 15 at the time… Probably the worst decision of my life! What did I learn from that? Never give up… Never!


Co-Founder, Creative Director

Tattoo artist by day, crypto & NFT junkie by night. I have been involved with crypto since 2017! My dad taught me the basics of graphic design. I work mainly with iPad pro!


Name: Divine Creatures

Style: Angels & Demons


Whitelist: 2500 wallets (x3 mints/wallet in presale)

Public sale: 3 mints per transaction in public sale

Mint price:

Demons: 0.0666Eth (whitelist sale) & 0.0888Eth (public sale)

Angels: free for demon holders

Nephilim: burn mechanism between 1 Demon & 1 Angel

NFT collections:

10,000x Demons

10,000x Angels

10,000x Nephilims

Mint Roadmap:

25% SOLD: The first 25% of mint wallets will be entered into a raffle to win a handmade piece of art.

50% SOLD: The first 50% of mint wallets be entered into a raffle to win 4/8 of our 1-of-1 unique ‘Demons’.

75% SOLD: Raffle of a 3-day FLY OUT with the Divine Creatures team (winner +1 friend) to a yet to be determined location in the US to get tattooed personally by our artist Phil (ALL IN: return airfare, hotel, etc).

100% SOLD: Raffle of 3 top floor projects between day 1 Mint Wallets (must be held for 1 whole month)


Q1 2022 — Mint time!

The money made from mint & marketplace income will be reinvested for random giveaways, mint roadmap giveaways, charity events, hiring of devs for the P2E game & much more…

  • Website reveal
  • Complete minting of all 10,000 ‘Demons’
  • Earn $SKULLS for on-chain & offline benefits — P2E game, Metaverse, merch,… (full details TBA)
  • Reveal of our ‘Angels’ NFT drop! ($SKULLS needed — details TBA)
  • OG creatures guide the future… (Community voting)

Q2 2022 — Give it to the community!

Project related merchandise, Plushies of your creatures, creating the P2E game, 1st community meet-up (USA?).

  • Fulfill all ‘MINT ROADMAP’ giveaways
  • Merchandise drop for holders (need $SKULLS)!
  • Charity events & giveaways (10% of passive income from OpenSea will be given to charities voted by our community!)
  • ‘Nephilims’ NFT drop: reveals mechanism that will be used for the P2E game ($SKULLS)
  • First community meet-up (USA)
  • P2E sneak peaks, details reveal & reveal date

Q3 2022 — Let’s play!

P2E game reveal and 2nd community meet-up.

  • Add LP for $SKULLS
  • Launch P2E game
  • 2nd community meet-up (EU)
  • (TBA)

Q4 2022 — Down the Metaverse!

The first implementations within the Metaverse, Virtual events with your creature(s), revealing the 3DX versions of your creature(s),…

  • 3DX reveal
  • Metaverse implementations
  • Virtual events
  • Reveal Roadmap V2

P2E-game (Tower defense incl. staking):

We will develop a P2E game in the style of TOWER DEFENSE where you must stake your NFTs to play.

The more NFTs you stake the more value you add to the game and the higher your rewards.

Due to the high ERC gas fees, we will be looking for a blockchain where you only have to spend pennies to stake and unstake, with the tools we need. ERC20 tokens will be converted underwater, so the user will not know the difference.

We will find out as we go along in this P2E game..

We will create a list of different NFTs that you can use in different categories:

HEROES: act as main characters, are needed for the game and have a base multiplier.

UNITS: act as power-ups alongside the ‘heroes’. You need them to get higher rewards.

PETS: act as sidekicks to the ‘heroes’ and increase the value of the multiplier(s). This will give you higher rewards.


You can buy power-ups to improve your heroes, units and pets in the game.

When you upgrade your NFTs in the game, you get more power and can earn more $SKULLS faster.


  • Demons act as ground heroes.
  • Angels act as flying heroes.
  • Demons + Angels create Nephilim that act as ‘SUPER’ heroes (more range on units, etc.).

Earn $SKULLS by using NFTs and playing the game ‘Castle Defense’.

You will get multipliers when you use more NFTs (the current multipliers are used as an example):

Demon = x1.5

Angel = x1.5

Nephilim= x4

Nephilim are created by burning 1x Demon + 1x Angel and have higher powers than each of them individually.

$SKULLS will be usable in game → 1 $SKULLS = 1 $SKULLS

$SKULLS will have a certain maximum amount of tokens to create a starting value and incentive to increase value as more people earn and hold $SKULLS.

You will be able to sell $SKULLS on Uniswap DEX.This creates a need and encourages our owners to participate and play our game.

$SKULLS-token utility (online & offline):


  • Buy merch in store to be unveiled in Q2 2022.
  • Purchase plush toys (plushies) that look like your NFT (pre-order).
  • More implementations may be added in the future


  • Earn in the P2E game (LP will be added at the launch of the P2E game)
  • Buy in-game power-ups with $SKULLS to earn even more
  • Buy 3DX models of your NFTs on Metaverse implementation reveal
  • Buy and sell on Uniswap DEX
  • More implementations can be added in the future


Our goal is to integrate the NFTs we uncover into the Metaverse by the end of 2022.

Since the Metaverse is hyped and definitely has a long-term impact on the online world, we have a firm intention to create 3D models and publish them later on several Metaverse platforms.

We will not only build a community by meeting in Discord, social media, and in the real world, but also create this environment and mood in the Metaverse.

3D example of a divine creature minion



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